Jamuraan Lion


For almost a year, the beleaguered nations of Jamuraa have fought the evil mage Kaervek. Femeref has fallen, Suq'Ata has closed its borders, and Zhalfir is overrun by refugees. But Kaervek's ally, Jolrael, has turned on him, and with her guidance and visions, there may be hope.
This 167-card set continues the themes of the Mirage set, including phasing and flanking, and features creatures with enters-the battlefield abilities and spells with alternative casting costs.

Visions - English
Jamuraan Lion

Visions - French
Lion de Djamuraa

Visionen - German

Visioni - Italian
Leone di Jamuraa

Visões - Portuguese
Leão de Jamuraa

Visiones - Spanish
León de Jamuraa

憧憬 - Chinese Traditional

ビジョンズ - Japanese

비젼 - Korean
자무라아의 사자